Treasure in Buckingham Palace

National treasure 2 : Nicolas Cage(Ben Gates), Justin Bartha(Riley Poole), Diane Kruger as (Abigail Chase)

Once again Ben Gates is set for a new adventure in another treasure hunting in the sequel of the box office hit National Treasure. Indeed a very interesting movie that you might not wanna miss any scenes. Just like the puzzled clues, scenes provides clues for the treasure that also set viewers to watch it until the end.

In the movie Thomas Gates(great – great  grandfather of Ben) was accused in being a conspirator and mastermind in Lincoln’s assassination. To prove the innocence of his great – great grandfather, Ben must find the hidden treasure Thomas decode from a puzzle. From the  code that Thomas found, Ben along with Riley and Abi followed the clues which brought them to the different historical landmarks in the world.

One of their destination is the official London residence of British Monarch, the Buckingham Palace. Here a little information:

Buckingham palace

Buckingham Palace was constructed in 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham and served as the residence of Queen Charlotte in 1761. But it was in the reign of Queen Victoria that it became the official Royal residence. Many renovation were as the throne was passed. 77,000 m2 (830,000 sq ft) of floor space, the Buckingham palace contains different rooms that feature different styles like Georgian, Regency, Victorian, and Neo-renaissance.

Grand Staircase Throne Room

The Palace is not a private property of the monarchy rather it belongs to the nation and is open for the public viewing. It serves as an art gallery and tourist attraction. The palace can house 50, 000 guests  during garden parties, reception and banquets.

Back in the movie: Buckingham palace was featured in the movie as the next location for another clue. The clue Ben found engraved in the Statue of Liberty in Île aux Cygnes points out a plank hidden on the twin resolute desk, one in the Buckingham Palace and the other is in the Oval office in White House. Ben and Abi sneak in to the queen’s room and discover a secret compartment in the desk that can only be open after you encode the 4 -digit number(1876 as engraved in the statue of liberty). After the 1st plank they proceed to the next destination, The White House and continue their search for the treasure.

Still - cuts from National Treasure: Book of Secrets(movie)

Like other movies some scenes were not filmed in the exact location as where it was in the movie. In the movie scenes that should take place in the Buckingham Palace were filmed in Lancastor House(neo-classical), a mansion in London. Some of those scenes were the fake argument and the queen’s room. Only the facade, gate and the entrance of the Buckingham  Palace were shown in the movie. And like other movies, controversy flew about the twin resolute desk. On what I read there where actually two resolute desk(not identical opposed to the movie), the one in The White House and the other one is in New Bedford Whaling museum and never been in the Buckingham Palace. Some said there are more than 2 resolute desk made from the HMS resolute(ship). So much about how many desk, I wonder if there is really a Hidden compartment(white house’s resolute desk)?

But the real treasure here is the Magnificent architectural styles the Buckingham Palace showcase.

– BALDERAS, LARA FLYNN JOY A. (2011 – 16817) 

ID – 14 (10: 05 am)


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