The Fortress Cross Rome

By: April Joy J. Erestain (2011-23999)

Posted on: March 13, 2012, 2:38 AM




Pope dead. Conclave starts. Preferetti Missing.  Rebirth of the Long Dead Group.  Revenge. Murders every after an hour. Hurt. Sufferings. Revelations. Betrayal. Truth. New Pope. And Peace.

Who can resist? I can’t. The adventure and drama, the mysteries and truth behind these conspiracies, revealed in one awesome sequel written by Dan Brown and made into film by Ron Howard.



The movie, Angels and Demons, captured me through its mysteries and conspiracies.  The great mind of Robert Langdon (played by Tom Hanks) with the scientific findings of Vittoria Vetra (played by Ayelet Zurer)  pulled me to their world, the world of symbols, possibilities, and the search for the truth.  The movie mainly revolved in the conflict between the church and science.  It is said that the illuminati were resurrected from the depths of the past and is starting to take actions on their vengeance against the adversity of their past, against the church.

Ever since I’ve gotten a hold of Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons, it topped my list and became one of my all-time favourite.  And hearing about a movie being release based on this, it literally awakens every cell in my body to look forward to it. I waited a long time before it got it firsthand. But after watching it to its finest detail, I was really disappointed but at least most of the architectural places and also the remarkable sculptures stated in the book were really exhibited in the movie. It was good but the best part of it was cutback. 


The thing that got my attention in the whole movie was the path of illumination and the headquarters of the illuminati itself.  

After the long search for the preferetti, a new trial has yet to be solved, the illuminati’s threat, the antimatter. It was expected to be in the fortress across Rome, the headquarters, the Castel Sant’Angelo but surprisingly it’s not.  For further details on the story just watch the movie or read the book. But watch it first before you read it, its better that way. 

The path of light or illumination guided by the angels literally means the angels will show the path.  It really gave me this big impact that this may be the real path; how did they figure it out.  The precise position and form of the angels along with the bas reliefs, which were both symbols of the illuminati, have a significant role in the path. 

The Castel Sant’Angelo, a landmark of Rome near the Tiber River, is still towering high in its cylindrical base.  It is also called the Mausoleum of Hadrian for it was specially made for him and his family.  It was erected in the Byzantine Period. It has thick walls small windows. Within this walls have a great history, in 401, it was fortified to protect the pope. Due to this they lost many of the funerary urns and the Passetto di Borgo was made.  After this, it was used as a prison. Then statues were shattered to use as weapons for war. At this time, it is said that the legend came true thus, having its name according to the angel, Michael.

Therefore, the building itself must withstand any force coming from the outside. Before, this was a mausoleum, it was really glamorous with pilasters, lionheads, garlands and so many more made out of marble. But after the fortification, it was really plain and dull to fulfill its main purpose to protect. And maybe there are so many great statues but due to the war, almost all of it was nowhere to be seen.


Castel Sant’Angelo


Michael, the archangel, stands at the top of the fortress due to a legend. Legend holds that the Archangel appeared at the top of mausoleum of Hadrian, with his sword as a sign of the end of the Roman plague in an answer to the prayers of the pope.  This bronze angel was a replacement by Verschaffelt. The original angel wasRaffaello da Montelupo. 


Michael by Verschaffelt



Michael by Raffaello da Montelupo


The Castle Sant’Angelo has this hidden passage to Vatican which is really interesting. The passageway is called the Passetto di Borgo.  This was made as escape routes for the popes during the Gothic war.  This is only a one way passage. This only means that Vatican is sealed from within and can only be opened from the inside. No one can enter without permission.

There is also the Ponte Sant’Angelo which was built with the mausoleum. It span across the Tiber River with 5 arches but originally with 3. The balustrade was built after an incident where many people fell off the bridge and died.  With this bridge came the 10 angels each holding a unique item.


Today, this building encrusted with every memory of the distant past is still soaring towards the sky radiating its pride and glory.





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