Alessandra Pabillore


          The movie I decided to watch was Sherlock Holmes. It’s a movie based in 1891 when Eiffel Tower has just been stood and industrialization was expanding more and more.

          Starting with the Industrial Revolution, technology was being introduced and being widely developed. It was the time where almost everything was being invented.  The time technology created a intense effect on the social, economic and cultural conditions of the times. The Industrial Revolution was the point in history where the world’s average per capita income increased over ten times as well as the population did over 6 times. This was the time iron was developed and had been widely used in building new structures like bridges, buildings and towers for it was proven to have helped made structures stand stronger. More roads, canals and railways were constructed which led to trade expansion. Almost everything transitioned from agricultural-based to machine-powered manufacturing process then leads to the introduction of steam power primarily fuelled by coal. The development of all-metal machineries and tools enabled the manufacture of more production machines for manufacturing industries. In the later parts, the Industrial Revolution gained momentum with the progression of electricity generation and steam-powered ships and railways. Roughly (or not), the Industrial Revolution more or less led to the beginning and the continuing progress of world modernization and technology development.

          In my opinion, Industrial Revolution was kind of a bit of a good thing and a bit of a bad. Yes, technology was being developed which was a great thing because it helped make life a lot easier especially with the use of iron in building in which really made building a lot better then. Then with the expansion of trade in which made economic conditions progress. The establishments of all-metal machineries which made life so much easier for the manufacturing industries because manufacturing was even faster than it being done manually, plus they didn’t need so many manual labor anymore although they did have to pay quite a lot for machineries but it also paid back well. The bad side for me was more and more people were being unemployed though. And as technology developed, well, more pollution was the effect, natural resources are being exploited and depleting more and more while greater attention is given to world industrialization.


          Eiffel Tower, on the other hand is my chosen architecture. It was named after its designer and engineer, Gustave Eiffel. It was constructed by three hundred workers joining together pieces of puddle iron – a bar iron without charcoal which was also later used to develop carbon steel. The Eiffel Tower followed the structural design done by Maurice Koechlin and assisted by engineer Emile Nouguier and architect Stephen Sauvestre. The tower was built as an entrance arch for the Exposition Universelle, a World’s Fair marking the centennial celebration of the French Revolution. At first, many did not appreciate the tower, some even hated it calling it an “eyesore” for they felt that somehow, the tower dominated the city and cast a dark, big shadow on everything. But now, it is known for being the tallest structure in Paris and known a classic structure of art.

          I believe the Eiffel Tower is one majestic form of structure. It is an iconic symbol of beauty, elegance and industrialization. It was known to embody the Victorian Structural Expressionist style which is a pure expression of structure preferably made of iron. The tower was nearly never built because the committee of the design competition Gustave competed would only grant a fourth of the budget needed to construct the tower. However, Gustave Eiffel found a way to make it happen by making a deal with several investors but would still make him own more of the tower.  

          Eiffel Tower is a true mark of technology. Although it did not really give a good impression at the start, but in the end, it made a name for itself and for its country which will always be a monument for the brilliant minds of those behind it.

-Alessandra Pabillore 2011-78837






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